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The 2020-21 Budget delivers a record $9.8 billion* for hospitals and health services which is a record investment by any Tasmanian Government.

This Budget includes an additional $600 million* to maintain record levels of resourcing and an additional $369.6 million* in funding to modernise health infrastructure and IT systems, including across our regional areas.


  • $600m to support unprecedented resourcing and staffing levels*
  • $4m to implement the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service recommendations^
  • $50.2m to meet additional demand and beds in major hospitals^
  • $4.1m for Mental Health Integration and Reform^
  • $1m for Palliative Care Tasmania^
  • $4.9m to implement Alcohol and Drug Sector reform^
  • $3.9m to extend funding agreements with community organisations^
  • $500,000 to support the Cancer Council Tasmania
  • $1.6m for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team
  • $45.5m for additional elective surgery^
  • $2.1m for the Mental Health COVID-19 support program
  • $1.3m for the Primary Health COVID-19 support program
  • $250,000 to support the mental health of frontline volunteers, including our fire services and paramedics


  • $19.8m to build 27 new Mental Health Beds in southern Tasmania
  • $4.3m for statewide upgrade of air-conditioning systems
  • $580,000 for better accommodation for health professionals on Flinders Island
  • $11.7m for the Burnie and Glenorchy Ambulance Stations
  • $2.1m for the Campbell Town Ambulance Station
  • $21.6m for a new Human Resources Information System
  • $79.8m for Launceston General Hospital upgrades, including completion of Ward 4K, more bed capacity and car park, as part of a $102m investment*
  • $4.2m for an ante-natal clinic at the North-West Regional Hospital
  • $33m for the continued upgrade of the Mersey Community Hospital^
  • $3.7m for the completion of the pharmacy redevelopment at the Royal Hobart Hospital
  • $89.8m for the Royal Hobart Hospital Stage II redevelopment, including an expanded Emergency Department~
  • $7.4m for the completion of Stage 2 of the King Island Hospital redevelopment^
  • $11.5m for the continued upgrade of Rural Hospitals and Ambulance Stations
  • $3.3m for State Hospital Critical Facility upgrades
  • $1.1m for Tasmanian Health Service infrastructure upgrades
  • $10m for Regional Health and Ambulance Facilities^

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding