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The 2020-21 Tasmanian Budget is about Jobs, Confidence and Community.

To get Tasmania back in business and keep Tasmania on top, we are unleashing a landmark

$5 billion infrastructure program to underpin 25,000 jobs, grow our economy, boost confidence and strengthen our communities in every region.

For Clark this means we will build the intergenerational infrastructure our State needs to thrive, including more homes, better schools, roads, bridges, irrigation systems, as well as renewable energy assets, health, housing and justice facilities.

We’re backing Tasmanian businesses, supporting their recovery and growth, making it easier for them to employ and investing even more into education and skills, to ensure more Tasmanians have the ability to grasp the opportunities ahead. Together, we will rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

Greater Hobart

  • $89.8m for the Royal Hobart Hospital Stage 2 redevelopment~
  • $19.8m to build 27 Mental Health Beds in southern Tasmania^
  • $3.7m for the pharmacy redevelopment at the Royal Hobart Hospital
  • $11.9m for extra graduate nurses, including 60 additional for the South*
  • $4.4m for the completion of works at the Lansdowne Crescent Primary School
  • $500,000 for bus services as part of the Hobart City Deal
  • $175.5m for the Greater Hobart Traffic Solution*#
  • $61.1m for State Road upgrades, including a fifth lane on the Southern Outlet, a Derwent River Ferry service and bus priority measures*
  • $65m towards the Tasman Bridge upgrades, as part of a $130m# Federal/State Government project
  • $62.1m for the Urban Congestion Fund, including $23m for Intelligent Traffic Solutions around the Greater Ho­bart area, enabling the road network to be more resilient and accommodate traffic changes arising from unplanned events*#
  • $10m to upgrade Hobart Airport to facilitate internation­al border arrangements, as part of a $17.5m investment in partnership with the Airport’s owners
  • $3.4m for the Hobart Safe Spaces homeless accommodation^
  • $3m for the redevelopment of Taroona High School as part of a $5m project.
  • $470,000 for Hamlet^
  • $420,000 for Troublesmiths^
  • $4m for the new Visitors Centre at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
  • More than $10m for a new Hobart Youth Foyer including operating costs*
  • More than $22m for new supported accommodation facilities, including Waratah, Balmoral and the new Bethlehem House*
  • $150,000 for the Hobart City Schools Masterplan
  • $3m for a new Visitor Centre at the Cascades Female Factory
  • $5.2m for continued remediation and development at Macquarie Point
  • $79.9m for the completion of the new Southern Remand Centre as part of an $85m project
  • $19.7m* for Southern Remand Centre operational costs
  • $9.3m for the upgrade of shared facilities at the Risdon Prison
  • $3.5m for a new purpose-built State Operations Centre
  • $120,000 each year to support the administration of the Wellington Park Management Trust

Northern Suburbs

  • $68.5m for the Derwent Entertainment Centre upgrade and Indoor Multi-Sports Facility
  • $11.4m for the Community Rapid Response Service, including the southern pilot*
  • $28m for six new Child and Family Learning Centres statewide, including in Glenorchy
  • $20m to revitalise Cosgrove High School
  • $1.5m for Springfield Gardens Primary School
  • $5.8m for the Glenorchy Ambulance Station^
  • $1.3m for the Glenorchy Jobs Hub^
  • $11.4M for the Community Rapid Response Service, including the Southern pilot*

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding