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Supporting Tasmanians in need following COVID-19

12 November, 2020

Jeremy Rockliff MP

Minister for Disability Services and Community Development

2020-21 Budget: Supporting Tasmanians in need following COVID-19

The Tasmanian Government has a Plan to rebuild a stronger Tasmania, which includes a range of vital supports for those in need.

The 2020-21 Budget will see an additional $1.6 million in additional support for emergency food relief providers to continue to help Tasmanians impacted by COVID-19.

This includes additional funding for Loaves and Fishes Tasmania and Foodbank Tasmania to respond to significant demand for the delivery of produce, hampers, and ready to eat meals.

This additional funding will build on the assistance already provided to Tasmanians in need between May to September 2020 which has included more than 14,000 hampers and food boxes, 117, 000 ready to eat meals and over 1 million kilograms of produce distributed around the State.

This Budget will also provide a helping hand to the thousands of Tasmanians who volunteer their time to keep community programs, services and activities in Tasmania going, with an additional $351,000 over three years towards Volunteering Tasmania.

Tasmanians can be proud of their strong commitment to volunteering, which is a vital part of our social fabric.  Without volunteers, many events, services and supports would simply not be available.

We will also be providing $780,000 over two years as part of our Multicultural Policy and Action Plan 2019-2022 to support migrants obtain work and find a pathway to employment through education and training.

This Budget will support Tasmanians in need as we work together to recover, reinvigorate our economy and rebuild a stronger Tasmania.