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$23 million health technology package

12 November 2020

Sarah Courtney MP

Minister for Health

2020-21 Budget: $23 million health technology package

Technology is a key part of modern healthcare, so it is crucial that Tasmania has the right ICT infrastructure in place to improve outcomes for patients and make working in our health system easier for our health care workers.

I am pleased to announce the 2020-21 State Budget will deliver a $23.1 million health technology package, to modernise our HR systems across the state and develop a 10 year digital health transformation plan.

$21.6 million of this package is committed to implementing a new fully integrated HR system for our staff.

This new system will deliver new levels of information and automate many HR processes which are currently being done on paper.

This will mean the Department can better manage its workforce in real-time, to deliver high-quality health services and to plan more accurately for the future.

It will also have the key benefit of freeing up our frontline staff to spend less time on paperwork.

Importantly, our new 10 year Digital Health Transformation Plan will be the first time Tasmania has had a strategic document laying out our vision for technology in our health system.

We are committed to supporting our staff and delivering better patient outcomes, and we know that modern ICT systems are crucial to help our system to keep delivering world class care.

We have already delivered other significant investments in health technology, including Medtasker which is being rolled out across the State and our expanded telehealth capability, and this commitment builds further on these initiatives.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to building a better health system – to support staff, drive better care and deliver the best possible health outcomes.