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  • Record $3.6 B in job-creating infrastructure projects around the State.
  • $6 M targeting Strategic Growth in regional communities, youth employment and for the long-term unemployed.
  • $2.9 M to deliver a pipeline of skilled workers to meet workforce shortages and demand.
  • Business Growth Strategy 2018-2023, to support new jobs growth - $1 M.
  • $56 M > to progress the design and approvals for the Marinus Link Second Inter-Connector National Infrastructure project.
  • $4.4 M ~ for the Tasmanian Trade Strategy to further boost exports and jobs.
  • Continuation of Payroll tax rebate scheme and small business grants to support around 4500 young Tasmanians as apprentices and trainees.
  • Payroll tax cut for business continued, to create around 650 new jobs.
  • A new $1.2 M Business Events Attraction Fund.
  • $12 M for TasTAFE Centres of Excellence in Agriculture and Trades and Water.
  • Pipeline to Prosperity – Tranche 3 Tasmanian Irrigation development - $170 M >.
  • $2.75 M for Defence Strategy to develop industry and new business.
  • $9 M * for additional tourism marketing to target new visitor markets.
  • $20 M Regional Tourism Attraction Loan Scheme.
  • $20 M ^ for the next iconic, multi-day, hut-based walk.
  • On-farm energy and irrigation audits - $550,000 *


  • An additional 125 police officers ~.
  • New/upgraded prison infrastructure - $120.14 M.
  • $41.69 M for new police stations and police housing, a new police vessel and the Sorell emergency services hub.
  • $6.86 M * for major redesign and upgrade of Ashley Youth Detention Centre.
  • $19.15 M for Child Safety Redesign and children in Out of Home Care.
  • $6.5 M in additional funding for Family Violence and Sexual Violence.


  • $31 M * for our National Parks, including Rangers,improved visitor infrastructure and maintenance.
  • $5.972 M * for bushfire management, recovery, TasALERT, security and emergency management and remote area fire-fighting teams.
  • $16.85 M *> for biosecurity borders, response, research, risk management, officers and truck washes.
  • Recreational fishing – improved boat and trailer parking - $1.6M *.


  • A record $8.1 billion for health and hospitals over the next four years.
  • $352.6 M for new and upgraded health and hospital infrastructure.
  • $132.11 M * to progressively open and staff 250 new beds at the new RHH.
  • $15.1 M to open and staff eight new beds on Ward 4K of the LGH.
  • $20.5 M for staffing the new 8-bed Acute Medical Unit at the NWRH.
  • $39.87 M* for the new dedicated aeromedical helicopter service, State-wide as well as $21 M for 42 extra regional paramedics.
  • $194 M for new schools, upgrades, school farms, Child & Family Learning Centres and TasTAFE Centres of Excellence.
  • Invest $154.3 M for 250 new teachers, 80 extra teacher assistants and more support staff.
  • $34 M for needs-based funding for students with disability.
  • $125 M for Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019-2023 with $40.5 M allocated this year to meet demand.
  • Extension to First Home Builder Boost of $20,000.
  • $1.037 B in Tasmanian funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Disability Services.
  • $6.99 M * for extra funding for Neighbourhood Houses and their Peak Body.
  • Rural Hospital and Ambulance Station upgrades and volunteer support - $17.19 M *.
  • New Regional sports coordinators - $1.4 M.
  • Rural Alive and Well - $920,000 *.


  • $1 M – Tasmanian Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy Program through NILS.
  • Power prices capped at no more than CPI.
  • Water and sewerage prices frozen in 2019-20 and future increased capped.
  • Energy concessions for low income earners – $187.8 M.
  • Concessions for local government rates and water/ sewerage for low income households totalling $115.5M.
  • 50% stamp duty concession for seniors downsizing their home.
  • 50% stamp duty concession for first home buyers, saving up to $7000.
  • Ticket to Play sports vouchers pilot - $1 M.