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14 June 2018


Minister for Trade

Taking trade to the next level

The 2018-19 State Budget delivers on the commitments we have made as part of our Plan to Build Your Future.

Tasmania’s people, place and produce are in demand and our export growth has surged to three times the national average.

To continue the growth in our trade, we will;

  • Launch the first Tasmanian Trade Strategy to continue to open new markets, increase international exports and keep growing local jobs.
  • Introduce legislation to transform the Brand Tasmania Council into a new Statutory Authority to take Tasmania’s brand to the next level. Our brand is one of our greatest assets and we will turn up the spotlight on Tasmania, giving us a clearer sales pitch which all Tasmanians can use at home and abroad.
  • Commence work on a whole of government Competitiveness of Tasmanian Agriculture for 2050 White Paper which will develop policy to improve production, investment and the profitability of farms and agribusiness.
  • Help identify new discoveries to underpin the future of Tasmania’s mining industry by investing $2 million into the Mining Exploration Grants Program.
  • Support the Forest Industry Growth Plan for the Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry, which sets an goal of doubling “industry value add” to $1.2 billion by 2036, and the creation of more jobs by adding value to our forest resources.
  • Establish the $5.1 million Abalone Industry Reinvestment Fund to support the 800 Tasmanians who work in the world’s largest sustainable wild abalone resource.
  • Continue to implement the priority actions in the Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry to grow jobs, maintain public confidence in the industry, and to continue to improve environmental regulation, and biosecurity systems.

The 2018-19 Budget makes important strategic investments to strengthen our economy, open new markets for local businesses to grow exports and create more jobs.

The State Budget charts the path that my Government will take Tasmania to the next level.