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14 June 2018



Investing in health, education and Tasmanians in need

Every Tasmanian deserves to grow up in a safe environment and have access to quality healthcare and education.

In the 2018-19 Budget the Government is investing more in education, health and to reduce the cost of living pressures Tasmanians face.

This is only possible because we have done the hard work to get the budget back in balance.

Our record $757 million investment in Tasmania’s health system will deliver 298 new beds, 802 more nurses, 158 more doctors, 128 more allied health professionals and 182 more support staff over the next six years.

We are investing a record $324 million in education to build new schools for families in growth areas, as well as major upgrades to learning facilities throughout the state.

Six new Early Learning Hubs will be established and $18 million invested to build and upgrade Kindergartens across Tasmania.

We are recruiting 250 additional teachers and extending all high schools to Year 12.

Our Plan to Build Your Future also has at its core a strong focus on providing additional support and protection for Tasmanians who need it most.

The Budget includes an extra $125 million to implement Stage II of our Affordable Housing Strategy which will provide 1,500 new affordable homes and assist an additional 2,000 households.

We are putting $24 million towards employing more child safety officers to further bolster our comprehensive whole-of-government child safety system redesign, extend out-of-home care age to the age of 21 and better support foster carers.

We’re also responding to cost of living pressures with almost $300 million dedicated to reducing household expenses such as water and electricity costs.

The 2018-19 Budget charts the path my Government will take to Tasmania to the next level.