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14 June 2018


Minister for Education and Training

Extending all high schools to Year 12

The Hodgman Liberal Government is continuing to deliver on our long-term plan to provide young Tasmanians with the greatest opportunity to complete their senior secondary education by extending all High Schools through to Year 12.

We laid the foundations in the last term of Government so Tasmanians could look forward to a brighter future – now we are taking education in Tasmania to the next level.

There are now 688 students studying in the 38 High Schools around Tasmania that have extended to Year 12 since 2014, this is a clear demonstration that our Plan to extend all Government Schools to Year 12 is working.

As part of the Tasmanian Government's $324 million investment in Education over 6 years, the 2018-19 State Budget includes a record investment in Education and Training of $6.75 billion over the Forward Estimates with $30.5 million to support the extension of all Tasmanian High Schools to Year 12, by 2022. This includes $6 million in school infrastructure upgrades.

We are sending a clear message that school doesn’t end in Year 10, as well as providing students with more choice about where to complete their senior secondary education.

By extending High Schools we ensure that students can choose to complete their senior secondary school education at their local school, recognising that there may be barriers to students accessing College or other further education and training.

Since 2014, the retention rate has risen to 74.1 per cent and the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) achievement rate is now at 58.9 per cent.

The Hodgman Liberal Government understands the importance of continuing this momentum for our next generation of job ready Tasmanians.