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14 June 2018


Minister for Resources

Delivering a stronger future for Tasmanian forestry  

The forestry sector is a key economic and jobs driver in Tasmania as it supports the livelihoods of thousands of families, particularly in regional areas.

As part of the Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan to Build Your Future, we recognise the importance of strengthening the long-term outlook of the forestry industry.

Our production forestry operations are renewable and sustainable and our long-term plan is to double the industry’s value.

The 2018-19 Budget provides $13 million in funding and training support for the new $190 million, 80-hectare Hermal Group cross-laminated plantation timber mill and production facility in Hampshire. This is expected to create 200 new jobs, and approximately 160 jobs during construction.

We have also committed to a loan of up to $30 million for the project, which is expected to begin construction later this year.

The Budget also continues our $4 million Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry Growth Plan that is enhancing employment and profitability in our forest sector.

We are also committed to ensuring that areas of the Permanent Timber Production Zone that aren’t being used for commercial harvest continue to be open and accessible for eco-tourism and recreational community use with a further $12 million in 2018-19.

To maintain the health, viability and sustainability of our forests overall we are providing $1.5 million for the Forest Practices Authority and $1.6 million for Private Forests Tasmania to support the continued and efficient management of these natural assets.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to revitalising our forestry sector and locking in jobs for the long term.

We will ensure the ongoing economic injections into the state’s bottom line continue as well as ensuring our natural resources are sustainable and can be enjoyed by all.