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14 June 2018


Minister for Sport and Recreation

Building our sporting future

The Hodgman Liberal Government has a goal of becoming the healthiest state in Australia by 2025 and reducing our obesity rates to below the national average in the same timeframe.

The Government supports the development of high quality and well-planned sport and recreation facilities as well as increased opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in sport, recreation and physical activity which is why we will deliver on our plan by investing significant funds into our sporting future.

This Budget includes almost $30 million in new funding to boost participation and improve sports and recreation infrastructure.

  • We have committed $10 million in the budget over the next 3 years for community consultation, design and construction of a new 4 court indoor multi-sport facility in Glenorchy.
  • Our Ticket to Play initiative will see $3 million committed to subsidise sporting registration for around 30,000 children and young people whose parents or guardians have a healthcare or concession card.
  • A further $3 million will be used for the construction of a much needed hydrotherapy pool at the Doone Kennedy Aquatic Centre.
  • Since opening for expressions of interest, our Levelling the Playing Field program has seen a high level of interest from sporting clubs and organisations across the state.  This $10 million investment over 2 years will facilitate increased female participation by building new or upgraded facilities to ensure our girls and women have access to the same facilities and opportunities as men.


  • To further increase high performance and pathways for women in sport, funding to Cricket Tasmania has increased by $240,000 in recognition of the “one club, two teams” culture Cricket Tasmania are developing by bringing the Tasmanian women’s team under the Tigers banner.
  • Tennis in Launceston has also received a massive boost with $2 million allocated to Tennis Tasmania for the development of a new, elite level facility for the north of the state.

These initiatives will help us reach our goal of becoming the healthiest state and reducing our obesity rates in Australia by 2025, and provide more opportunities for all Tasmanians to be active together.