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100 statements in support of the Hodgman Liberal Government's Budget

The Tasmanian Government's Budget, Building Tasmania's Future, has been overwhelmingly endorsed by economic commentators, stakeholder organisations, and community groups.

The only people who haven't supported it are motivated purely by politics, not the substance of the budget - Labor, the Greens, and some of their union and environmental allies.

What people are saying about the 2017-18 State Budget:

Saul Eslake, ABC TV news 25 May 2017

“The Government’s good stewardship of the Tasmanian economy’s also produced a $40 million per annum additional revenue gain, mainly from land tax and stamp duty.  They can claim the credit for that.  And their prudent management of previous revenue uplifts has left them in a position where they have been able to increase spending on things like hospitals and job creation whilst still leaving Tasmania with the best net debt position, relative to the size of our economy, of any jurisdiction in the Commonwealth.”

Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief, Michael Bailey, Mercury 26 May 2017

“The Budget is balanced over the forward estimates for the first time in 10 years. It is pleasing to see that the State Government has expenses under control… the state now has capacity to do more as shown in the Budget.”

Tasmanian Council of Social Services, E-news 26 May 2017

“Our overall sense of this Budget is that the State Government is listening to Tasmanians and reflecting their concerns, aspirations and compassion for each other in its priorities.”

“When a government hears what the people in our communities want for our State, it opens up great opportunities for all Tasmanians, including those who struggle from day-to-day.”

Mercury newspaper editorial, 26 May 2017

“At first glance, the fundamentals are strong.”

“The ball is now in Labor’s court to craft an alternative vision.”

“But given the economic foundations unveiled last night, including rising business confidence and a surging tourism industry, the Hodgman Government is now in a position of considerable strength.”

Examiner Editorial, 26 May 2017

“While the government failed to deliver any big surprises in its state budget, it is comforting to know the current state of Tasmanian health seriously.”

Font PR, Becher Townshend, Facebook video 25 May 2017

“Four years in the State Government are reaping the rewards from strong fiscal management.”

“It’s a solid effort by the State Government – it shows they’ve got heart, it shows they’ve listened and they have clearly demonstrated to the community that they want to win their vote at the next election.”

Property Council of Australia, Brian Wightman, ABC online 25 May 2017

“$54 million in surplus is a very good sign for Tasmania, particularly for investor and developer confidence.”

“8 out of 10”

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Robert Mallett, ABC online 25 May 2017

“I think the investment in young people in their employment, the opportunities for employers to be incentivised, to actually take on people to work, is a really refreshing change.”

“8.5 to 9 out of 10”

Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Executive Officer Jan Davis, media release 26 May 2017

“The 2017-18 State Budget is a responsible and positive blueprint for the State’s future prosperity, with confidence set to increase from pro-business policies.”

“The Government has set down a clear pathway to spend less than it earns, which every business operator knows is the only way to succeed and grow.”

Launceston City Council acting Mayor, Rob Soward, Examiner 26 May 2017

“There are a lot of excellent announcements in this budget for the city of Launceston.”

“They will help not only drive tourist numbers across the region, they will also improve our health and education systems through major capital expenditure, which will in turn drive employment opportunities.

“That can only be a good thing, particularly at a time when there’s already so much confidence and growth already happening in the city.”


Payroll tax Relief for Apprentices

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Executive Officer, Robert Mallet, Examiner 26 May 2017

“The TSBC supports the payroll tax exemption for apprentices, applicable to businesses with a wages bill in excess of $1.25 million per year. Despite very few small businesses paying payroll tax a more vibrant business sector and community can only serve to benefit all Tasmanians.”

Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chief Executive Michael Bailey, Examiner 20 May 2017

“It makes it easier for business to invest in apprentices and trainees to grow their capacity and the capacity of the Tasmanian economy.”

“We know that underemployment has been a growing concern and this is a way to secure full-time employment for people and also given them the skills to have ongoing careers.”

Master Builders Association of Tasmania (MBT) – Craig Edmunds, Immediate Past President, media release, 20 May 2017

“Our members have been calling for an initiative along these lines for some time and we are delighted the State Government has found room to offer this tax relief.  Apprentices are the lifeblood of the construction industry and without new recruits the construction industry runs the risk of running out of talented Tasmanians to build our state into the future.”

“… more construction firms in the state would take on young Tasmanians as a result of [this] initiative.”

Apprenticeship Employment Network Tasmania, Geoff Fader, Executive Officer, media release, 20 May 2017

“… the principle of excluding payroll tax for apprentices in Tasmania is a welcome and much needed development that will ensure more jobs are created for our young.”

“Apprenticeships are a vital starting point for many young Tasmanians as they embark on their working career and anything that will make it easier for employers to take them on is to be applauded.”

“These initiatives are a genuine attempt by Government to give young people a go here in Tasmania, instead of seeing our best and brightest leave for the mainland in order to get a start in their career.”

Jobs Action Package

TasCOSS CEO, Kym Goodes, media release, 13 May 2017

“TasCOSS welcomes the Government’s strong leadership in choosing to try new ways of tackling entrenched inequality in our State … the Hodgman Liberal Government has shown it is willing to support new and innovative ways of working with communities to change our futures for the better.”

Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chair, Susan Parr, media release 13 May 2017

“We know there are businesses out there who want to employ people but require assistance to do so; this package will provide the support needed to do that.”

“The addition of a jobs bus to improve regional transport issues is an excellent concept and will dramatically enhance opportunities for members of our community who are restricted by travel options in Tasmania’s smaller, isolated communities.”

First Home Buyers grant and stamp duty relief

Housing Industry Association, Executive Director, Rick Sassin, Examiner 26 May 2017

“We are pleased to hear that the coming Budget will see the [first home builders] grant extended and that even more Tasmanians can realise the dream of building their first home as well as employers taking the plunge of certainty to employ an apprentice.”

Small Business grants program for apprentices and trainees

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Chairman, Geoff Fader, media release, 18 May 2017

“This is a welcome and well considered response from the State Government to maximise the number of apprentices in Tasmania.”

Whitelion Job Initiative

Whitelion State Manager, Barb Walters, media release, 25 May 2017

“Today’s announcement of significant funding for our Work Ready Program is fantastic and my team and I look forward to working with Government to continue to develop meaningful opportunities and relationships for Tasmania’s at-risk young people.”

“The young people Whitelion represent have a lot to offer the workforce and the community and Whitelion has proven over the last 15 years that our model really does work and given the right support, guidance and training the sky is the limit for these young people.”

Tasmanian Small Business Council funding

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Chairman, Geoff Fader, media release, 18 May 2017

“While this funding will allow us to better communicate government grants to our members, it will also open channels for our members to share their concerns and needs with us and in turn with the Government.  Any improvement and growth in our small business sector is good for Tasmania.”

Driving for jobs trial $145,000

Youth Network of Tasmania Chief Executive, Joanna Siejka, Examiner 12 May 2017

“The initiative sound promising… obviously there are some in our community who would benefit more from the initiative than others.”


Tasmanian Transport Association, Chair Robin Phillips, media release 25 May 2017

“It is good to see a mix of investment right across the network with the priority corridors such as the Midland Highway and rail lines getting funding, and also specific attention being given to bridge upgrades on other freight arteries.”

“Overall, we would mark this budget is a 4.5/5 for transport infrastructure.”

“The Government has clearly listened to our needs and knows what has to be done.”

Property Council of Tasmania, Brian Wightman, Examiner 26 May 2017

“Investment in water and sewerage infrastructure will create jobs now and enable them into the future. It’s difficult to create a university city in Launceston with inadequate services.”

Community and Public Sector Union newsletter, 26 May 2017

“There are some good initiatives including... $50 million in ICT infrastructure across Justice, CYC, DPFEM and DHHS through the establishment of a Digital Transformation Priority Expenditure Program.”

RACT Chief Executive Officer, Harvey Lennon, media release 25 May 2017

“.. pleased to see commitments for the Mowbray Connector in the north and continued funding for existing projects such as the Bass Highway at Wynyard and upgrades to the Midland Highway.”

“Bringing forward components of the work through Perth to Breadalbane is a positive result for safer roads in Tasmania.”

“We’re also welcome funding for a review of traffic in Launceston and commitment of short term funding for a real time traffic congestion management system for Hobart.”

Mowbray Connector $7m

Launceston City Council, Alderman Robin McKendrick, Examiner, 14 May 2017

“The announcement was welcomed by Launceston Alderman Robin McKendrick who has been pushing the issue for more than a year.”

Road Safety Advisory Council Chair, Jim Cox, Examiner 14 May 2017

“It’s an intersection that has been controversial for quite a while and it’s great to see the Government come up with the funds to address the issue.”

Bonnet Hill road safety $1.83m

Bonnet Hill Community Association, President Mark Florusse, Facebook post 1 May

“The multi-use lane has been a godsend for all users of this difficult and dangerous section of road. We commend the Government for providing a safer road for ALL users.”

Bonnet Hill Safety Lane Action Group, Facebook post 18 May 2017

“Welcome announcement… bringing forward their commitment to complete the Bonnet Hill Safety Lanes in this financial year.”

Bicycle Network Tasmania, Facebook post 16 May 2017

“Thanks Elise Archer MP and Premier Will Hodgman – the works on Bonnet Hill, Hobart, will continue to completion in a timely manner. Excellent news.”


The University of Tasmania Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Professor Brigid Heywood, media release 25 May 2017

“The University of Tasmania has welcomed the $1 million in funding towards mineral exploration, mining and mine remediation in Tasmania.”

“The funding is significant and very important …. as it will allow collaboration that was not feasible in the past.”

“The outcomes of this collaboration will enhance and promote mineral exploration, mining, mine site remediation and geological hazard research in Tasmania.”

Australian Forest Products Association Chief Executive, Ross Hampton, media release 25 May 2017

“In a carbon constrained global economy in which renewable resources are at a premium, the Tasmanian Government’s pledge is a vote of confidence in Tasmania and recognition that the forest products industry can play a key role in Australia’s innovation future.”


Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association Chief Executive, Peter Skillern, Examiner 26 May 2017

“Today’s budget has demonstrated in a very real and tangible way the Government’s commitment to our sector.”

“We look forward to working with both the Government and the department as these programs are rolled out.”

Rural Business Tasmania Chief Executive, Elizabeth Skirving, media release 25 May 2017

“We commend the Hodgman Liberal Government’s support of agriculture and aquaculture acknowledging the role it plays in the State’s economy as demonstrated in the Government’s ongoing investment to the sector.”

“Investments in biosecurity, continued agricultural research, development and extension and for on farm landcare works, to name a few, will enable the agricultural sector to move forward.”

Regulatory Framework for Aquaculture industry

Petuna Acting CEO, David Wood, media release 25 May 2017

“The announcement clearly reflects the value Government places on a sustainable aquaculture industry – which provides important employment opportunities in regional Tasmania – while also ensuring the conservation of our marine environment.”

Biotoxin testing facility

Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council Chief Executive, Julian Harrington, media release 25 May 2017

“This is a significant vote of confidence in Tasmania’s $825 million seafood industry.”

“.. a world-leading biotoxin laboratory right here in Tasmania will minimise time delay between harvest of seafood product them submission of samples to a testing laboratory and receipt of test results.”

Oysters Tasmania Executive Officer, Neil Stump, Mercury 5 May 2017

“This initiative will stop infected product from entering the market.”

Biosecurity boost for weed war

Fruit Growers Tasmania, Phil Pyke, Tas Country, 19 May 2017

“We are pleased with the recent announcement for ongoing funding for biosecurity.”

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association Chief Executive, Peter Skillern, Tasmanian Country, 12 May 2017

“It’s good to see funding going to areas that will have direct benefit to Tasmanian farmers.

Bothwell sheep and beef farmer, Scott Bowden, Tasmanian Country 12 May 2017

“It’s much better to spend a bit on preventive measures than a lot after invasion. It’s great to see the Government supporting this.”

Stock underpasses

TFGA Dairy Council Chairman, Andrew Lester, Advocate, 29 April 2017

“TFGA Dairy Council chairman Andrew Lester said underpasses would help improve farm efficiency and encourage farmers to consider expanding their herds.”

“This will help to make our sector more efficient and productive; and safer for farmers and their employees.”

TFGA CEO Peter Skillern, media release, 28 April 2017

“The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association CEO Peter Skillern said that this was a great initiative for the farming community.”

DairyTas Executive Officer, Mark Smith, Advocate, 28 April 2017

“Underpasses have a benefit to both farm productivity and public safety, and this is what this support recognises.”

“We expect to see dairy farmers from all around the state participate in this program over the next few years.”

Safe Farming Tasmania

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, Twitter 5 May 2017

“Minister Rockliff announces safe farming tasmania program extended by 4 years. Asset to G sectors #politas.”


Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania, Chief Executive Luke Martin, Examiner 26 May 2017

“It is one of the best tourism budgets for some time. It’s essentially what we put to the government in our pre-budget submission. The significant investment in Cradle Mountain allows the project to steam ahead at full confidence.”

Tasmanian Hospitality Association General Manager, Steve Old, Examiner 26 May 2017

“The THA welcomes the investment of over $37 million more in the budget to help build further growth in the tourism and hospitality industries by investing in more tourism marketing, national parks as well as funding provided to turn Drysdale into a Centre of Excellence for the industry.”

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania, Twitter 25 May 2017

“Today’s budget means @tourismtasmania marketing boosted by $7 million a year since @WillHodgman came to power. 60% Up #reimagine17 #politas”

“When it comes to #tourism @WillHodgman has once again walked the talk.”

Tourism and Transport Forum Australia Chief Executive, Margy Osmond, media release 25 May 2016

“Chief Executive Margy Osmond congratulated the Hodgman Government on delivering the funding needed to further develop tourism as a key long-term driver of economic and jobs growth across the State.”

“Through this budget the Tasmanian Government has embraced the potential of tourism to create jobs and grow the visitor economy.”

RACT Chief Executive Officer, Harvey Lennon, media release 25 May 2017

“… welcomed the Government’s increased investment in tourism marketing and additional funding for the Cradle Mountain Visitor Experience.”

“We’re also pleased to see continued investment in the west coast region through $400,000 in west coast tourism infrastructure and a focus on upgrading skills in the hospitality and tourism sectors.”

Cradle Coast Authority CEO, Brett Smith, Advocate 26 May 2017

“… welcomed the funding for the development of Cradle Mountain as a world class destination and eco-tourism product.”

“The Master Plan will revitalise what is undoubtedly the jewel in Tasmania’s tourism crown, at a time when Tasmania, and the Cradle Coast, is experiencing growing visitation and demand.”

Tasmanian Conservation Trust Director, Peter McGlone, Mercury 26 May 2017

“… the Government’s ongoing funding of the Tourism Infrastructure in Parks Program, money to improve the Darlington Convict World Heritage site and the boost to the Cradle Mountain were all positive initiatives.”

Maria Island boost

Encounter Maria Island, Michael Roche, statement issued 25 May 2017

“We have been excited to commence the ferry service over a month ago, and it is really pleasing to see the continued support of the State Government through this commitment into critical infrastructure and visitor services for Maria Island.”

Drysdale Centre of Excellence

Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania Chief Executive, Luke Martin, Mercury 19 May 2017

“….the tourism industry welcomed the funding and the relationship with the private industry.”

“It’s clearly needed and the update of infrastructure is only a good thing.”


Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails, Facebook post 25 May 2017

“Some awesome news this afternoon with the Tasmanian Government pledging $800,000 for more trails at Derby.”

Bicycle Network Tasmania, Facebook, 16 May 2017

“Another good announcement from the 2017 State Budget, this one for the MTBers [mountainbikers] and the St Helens community.”


AMA State President Stuart Day, Examiner 26 May 2017

“With the significant emphasis put on health in the lead-up to this budget, AMA Tasmania feels the state government has listened to many of the concerns raised by the health sector.”

AMA State President Stuart Day, Mercury 26 May 2017

“While many of the 106 beds announced have previously been promised, the fact that these bed will be opened permanently will allow doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to be recruited with long-term employment ensuring our public hospitals can attract and retain high quality staff.”

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Neroli Ellis, ABC Drive 25 May 2017

“Certainly this is a positive budget in the right direction.

Australian Paramedics Association of Tasmania, Facebook statement 26 May 2017

“APA thanks the Health Minister for listening to staff concerns, with the announcement of 35 additional FTE, including 2 x 24hr ambulances (1 x southern region, 1 x northern region).”

Australian College for Emergency Medicine Chair, Dr Brian Doyle, media release 25 May 2017

“The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine broadly welcomes the additional resources provided for healthcare in the Tasmanian 20172018 budget but notes that significant further investment still needs to be made in the hospital system if the state is going to adequately meet the needs of Tasmanians, now and into the future.”

“Dr Doyle welcomed the additional funding flagged in the budget for more nurses and paramedics, although noted that staffing is only part of an overall picture of effective healthcare that includes sufficient investment in infrastructure, robust systems and effective management and sound governance.”

More mental health funding

Opinion Editorial co-authored by Baptcare’s Catherine Viney and MIcare’s Debra Fast, Mercury 26 May 2017

“This $16 million of additional funding is a great step forward and picks up from where the Australian Government’s support had concluded.

“The support from the Tasmanian Government is important and will allow many positive outcomes for many individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness.

“We applaud the State Government on this decision and look forward to continuing our work in the area of mental illness.”

Greens leader Cassy O’Conner, Win TV evening news 25 May 2017

“It’s long overdue and something our community needs and that we’ll strongly support.”

Mental Health Council of Tasmania, Chief Executive Officer, Connie Digolis, media release 25 May 2017

“The Mental Health Council of Tasmania welcomes the measures in today’s budget that specifically relate to improving the mental health system for Tasmanians.

“CEO Connie Digolis is pleased to see such a significant investment into the community mental health sector.”

St Helens Hospital

Break O’Day Mayor, Mick Tucker, North East Advertiser, 24 May 2017

“Government’s investment in the new hospital was critical to the community’s long-term security.”

“The influence over the long term of this decision by the State Government is absolutely amazing.”

AMA, media release, 16 May 2017

“AMA Tasmania President Dr Stuart Day said today’s announcement regarding the allocation of a further $4 million to fund a new $12.1 million St Helens District Hospital will hopefully improve the health outcomes for Tasmanians living on the State’s east coast.  

“Dr Day said AMA Tasmania supports the State Government’s initiative to provide regional and rural communities with better access to high quality health services.”

John L. Grove Rehabilitation Centre funding

ANMF Acting Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd, media release, 27 April 2017

“ANMF Tasmania Branch are delighted with the formal commitment today by the Hodgman Liberal Government to ensure the future of the John L. Grove Rehabilitation Centre in Launceston.”

“The ANMF are thrilled that nurses and care workers at the John L. Grove Centre can now be assured of the centre’s future and its ongoing ability to provide continuing outstanding care to patients who require specialised and dedicated slow stream rehabilitation.”

“It is wonderful to finally see the formal commitment to permanently fund the John L Grove Centre into the future being made by the Government today.  This provides long overdue assurance to all staff and patients that high quality slow stream rehabilitation services at the John L Grove Centre are guaranteed.”

Patient, Dora Andrews, George Town, Letter to the Editor, Examiner, 13 May 2017

“How wonderful to now know, that funding for the John L. Grove rehabilitation centre for the next four years and beyond has been allocated … I was recently a patient there and cannot speak highly enough of the care and dedication of all concerned.”

Rural Alive and Well

RAW President, Ian McMichael, Examiner 4 May 2017

“It will give a lot of confidence to rural communities to know that our people will be out there and they care about what’s going on.”

Medicinal Cannabis

Epilepsy Tasmania CEO, Wendy Groot, media release 23 May 2017

“Epilepsy Tasmania welcomes today’s announcement by the Tasmanian Government of $3.75 million in funding to support the implementation of a Controlled Access Scheme that will allow Tasmanians with serious, non-responsive epilepsy to be assessed by specialist doctors for suitability of prescription medical cannabis.

“The new Controlled Access Scheme is a leap forward for Tasmanians because the efficacy of medical cannabis can now be trialled in a safe and controlled manner under the supervision of prescribing specialist doctors.”

Toni Dale and Jodie Smith, mother and daughter, Mercury 24 May 2017

“It will be invaluable for young people suffering multiple seizures — sometimes hundreds a day,” Ms Dale said. Ms Smith, now 39, said the roll-out of the scheme was a huge win.

“I am so grateful the treatment option is now there for those that need it”

AMA President, Stuart Day, ABC Online, 23 May 2017

“The Australian Medical Association's Tasmanian president, Stuart Day, said he only supported medicinal cannabis that was prescribed through doctors.

"We don't believe that black market, self-medicating cannabis is the way to go because essentially you don't know what you're getting“


Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations Inc., Lisa Gillard, Vice President, media release 26 May 2017

“The budget hits on one of TASSO’s key policies of the need to provide more professional support staff in our schools.”

“Minister Rockliff has shown his understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing by the establishment of a Child and Student Wellbeing Unit and the support of programs addressing student wellbeing.”

Tasmanian Principals Association, President, Malcolm Elliott, ABC online 25 May 2017

There’s a continuation of the Gonski funding [from the Tasmanian Government] for the final two years of the original agreement so that’s very welcome.”

“We’re particularly interested in the money that has been allocated for health and wellbeing, not only for the students but there will be more money for school nurses, psychologists and social workers.”

Commissioner for Children, Mark Morrissey, media release, 17 May 2017

“Providing support for student wellbeing and engagement in learning is a very important step in helping students reach their full potential in life.”

“This added investment in health and wellbeing support is a critical step in ensuring that all students are able to actively engage in and enjoy school and this is good for the future of the Tasmanian community.”

Community and Public Sector Union newsletter, 26 May 2017

“There are some good initiatives including... 117 schools will get capital works programs and there is $57 million over four years for the implementation of the Education act (including funding for transition of early learning and care sector to an earlier starting age.”

“Funding for an additional 14.8 FTE allied health professionals in schools to improve student health and wellbeing is welcome.”

Funding for Team ChatTY in schools

SPEAK UP!  Stay ChatTY founder, Mitch McPherson, and Relationships Australia CEO, Mat Rowell, media release, 15 May 2017

“This funding provides greater opportunity for SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY and RA Tas to continue breaking down the stigma that is attached to mental health.  No child should feel that they can’t come forward and speak about feeling down mentally. This funding gives us greater reach to carry this important message to students all across the State.”

“We are grateful for the show of support made by the Premier today.  This announcement means that SPEAK UP!  Stay ChatTY and RA Tas can continue its important work throughout schools and the community to keep the conversation about mental health going.”

Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations Inc, Lisa Gillard, Vice President, media release, 15 May 2017)

“The increase in funding… to Speak Up Stay Chatty so that they can continue their program in schools is to be applauded. Asking teaching staff, school communities and families to assist students in crisis or those heading to it, without professionally trained and readily available support staff, is detrimental to everyone.”

Catholic schools infrastructure

Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission Chair, the Hon. Michael Polley AM, media release 25 May 2017

“The Government commitment to capital funding of Catholic education will improve student access to quality educational facilities.”

“This announcement will also lessen the financial burden on parents of students attending Catholic schools, because our parents contribute upwards of 80 per cent towards capital projects through school fees.”


Tasmanian Council of Social Services, Kym Goodes, ABC online 25 May 2017

“We think it’s a budget for those Tasmanians who have been missing out and doing it hard.”

“9 out of 10”

National Disability Services, State Manager David Clements, media release 25 May 2017

“The 2017-18 state budget has demonstrated the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to the full introduction of the NDIS, with $750 million to be invested in the scheme over the coming four years.”

Out-of-home care

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Mark Morrissey, media release 25 May 2017

“I welcome news that a proportion of the new funding will contribute towards the implementation of all the recommendations of my recent report on Children and Young People in Out of Home Care.”

“I wish to acknowledge the Government’s response, through this budget announcement, to these young people’s voice, wisdom and desire to improve the system that has been established to protect and care for them.”

Capping of electricity prices for small business and households

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Chairman, Geoff Fader, media release, 1 May 2017

“Energy prices increases in Tasmania over the last decade have increased at a greater rate than inflation, so any moves to slow down the increase in power prices or for furthermore reduce them is welcomed.  On behalf of small business in Tasmania, I congratulate the State Government for undertaking both of these initiatives.”

Tasmanian Council of Social Services Chief Executive, Kim Goodes, Mercury, 1 May 2017

“[the] announcement was good news for low-income earners.”

“TasCOSS shared the Government’s view that without some protection, domestic and small business energy consumers could feel the brunt of a price surge.”

Affordable housing

Shelter Tasmania Executive Officer, Pattie Chugg, media release 25 May 2017

“Shelter Tas, the State’s peak body for housing and homelessness, has welcomed the State Government’s ongoing funding of Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy in the 2017 budget, with a commitment of $62 million over the next two years.

“Shelter Tas also welcomes improvements to accessing the affordable housing market, with the $6 million funding for a HomeShare program to assist low-income Tasmanians purchase their own home, the continuation of the First Home Builder’s Grant, and reduced Stamp Duty on new housing.”

Tasmanian energy efficient loan scheme

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Chairman, Geoff Fader, media release, 1 May 2017

“We applaud the State Government for introducing this initiative, which will see up to $10 million available to residents and small businesses for interest free loans of a maximum of $10,000 to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or businesses.”

“The other benefit to these interest free loans, is they will also stimulate the economy through creating more jobs for electricians, builders and retailers who will be asked to provide and install the energy efficient products, many of whom themselves are small businesses.”

Sustainable Living Tasmania, Executive Officer, Todd Houstein, STL website 2 May 2017

“Sustainable Living Tasmania welcomes the introduction of the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme.”

“Making homes and businesses more energy efficient has many benefits, including financial savings, improved comfort and health, and reduced dependence on polluting electricity from the mainland.”

Labor Party, Mercury newspaper 2 May 2017

“Deputy Opposition leader, Michelle O’Byrne said Labor supported the energy loans scheme, however it had been a long time coming.”

Mother and Babies Unit, Women’s Prison

Greg Barns, Twitter post 25 May 2017

“#politas funding for mothers to stay with babies in prison in Budget. A good initiative.”

Food van funding extended

St Vincent de Paul Society’s Dan Reardon, Examiner 16 May 2017

“St Vincent de Paul Society’s Dan Reardon said the funding was essential for the service to continue.”

Neighbourhood Houses

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania Executive Officer, John Hooper, media release 24 May

“This is a very welcome and timely boost for the volunteers and staff of each community run Neighbourhood House.:

“Today’s announcement we see as an acknowledgement of the government’s belief in the vital work of Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses.”

Foodbank funding

Foodbank Chairman, Edward Gauden, media release 25 May 2017

“Foodbank of Tasmania welcomes the Tasmanian Government’s commitment of $400,000.”

“The funding from the Tasmanian Government is positive and will contribute to tackling food insecurity in the State.”


Police Association of Tasmania, Acting President Gavin Cashion, Examiner 26 May 2017

“Positives include funded long-term investments in the upgrading of technology and police systems which will be beneficial into the future.”

“This follows $3.4 million funding for Body-Worn Video Cameras, which will have immediate benefits.”

Eligible Persons Register

Jannette Armstrong, Twitter post 25 May 2017

“This is a great move in #TasBudget17 #politas ELIGIBLE PERSONS REGISTER #domesticviolence.”

New Crimestoppers campaign to target shoplifting

City Prom, Andrew Pitt, Southern Cross News, 11 May 2017

“I’ve had a bit of a look at the Crimestoppers’ proposal and it’s fantastic.”


Youth focus

Youth Network of Tasmania Chair, Lisa Amerikanos, media release 25 May 2017

“YNOT welcomes the focus on young people in the State Budget, with initiatives such as funding of the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, a youth arts strategy and the expansion of the School Nurse Program.”

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, General Manager Michelle Forbes, media release 26 May 2017

“This landmark funding of $1.44 million will support and invigorate Tasmania’s youth arts sector, improving social health, wellbeing and employment pathways through arts education and engagement.”

Ten Days Funding

Ten Days on the Island Chair, Saul Eslake, media release 25 May 2017

“Ten Days on the Island has identified opportunities to extend its successes in Tasmania’s regional places and, with this extra support from Government, will continue to build an exciting artistic program from and for the regions of Tasmania.”

Rugby Park Upgrade

Tasmanian Rugby Union President, Michael Ryan, media release 13 May 2017

“This is perhaps the biggest thing to happen for Tasmanian rugby in our history and will help us modernise the game by developing new forms of the sport to increase participation across all age groups.”

Boost for Emergency Volunteering

Volunteering Tasmania CEO, Alison Lai, media release, 7 May 2017

“Applauded the Government’s commitment to providing a system that will enable everyday Tasmanians to assist in times of a natural disaster.”

Multicultural Council of Tasmania

MCT Chair, Jafar Taheri, media release 28 April 2017

“The Multicultural Council Tasmania welcomes additional funding from the Tasmanian Government as part of a push for ‘wrap around’ services to newly arrived migrants.”

“It is important that we strive for positive change and these actions show that the Tasmanian Government is supportive of an inclusive, diverse and unified Tasmania.”