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New Campaign to Target Shoplifting

11 May 2017

Rene Hidding, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Shoplifting is a crime that impacts on all Tasmanians and that’s why the Hodgman Liberal Government will invest in a new Crime Stoppers campaign aimed at supporting our retailers.

Our upcoming Budget will be about Building Tasmania’s Future, and we make no apologies for being tough on crime because we are committed to a safer State.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the Budget will include $115,000 for a Crime Stoppers initiative that will join Tasmanian businesses and consumers in the common cause of tackling shoplifting.

This is a crime that is far from petty. The costs of shoplifting and related crimes add an estimated $424 to the average household’s annual expenditure. While for retailers, particularly small businesses, it is not only costly, it is extremely frustrating.

For some businesses, the impact of shoplifting can lead to job losses and even the closure of their doors.

One of our goals as a Government is to make our State attractive for investment and that includes making Tasmania safer from crime.

Crime Stoppers play an important role in raising awareness of crime and in encouraging people to take action to prevent it and to report it when it does occur.

The new, 12-month, evidence-based campaign will be developed and implemented in collaboration with the retail sector and other businesses and with the wider community.

As Crime Stoppers engages with business and consumer groups throughout the State, we will want to hear their concerns and for effective solutions to be delivered.

Reducing the incidence of shoplifting in Tasmania will be a win for businesses, consumers and jobs.