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Jobs Bus to drive regional jobs growth

Will Hodgman, Premier

Matthew Groom, Minister for State Growth

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government, the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.8 per cent, lower than the national average, and over 5,000 jobs have been created.

But we know there is more to do and that some people – particularly young people and those in regional Tasmania – are still finding it hard to get a job.

That’s why job creation remains our number one priority, and why the upcoming State Budget will once again have a strong focus on job creation as we Build Tasmania's Future.

A major jobs initiative in the Budget will be a $4.08 million Jobs Action Package, a partnership between the Government, TasCOSS and the TCCI, which will help increase the number of people in employment, especially in regional areas.

A key part of the Package is the Regional Transport Disadvantage Trial – or “Jobs Bus” – which aims to remove the transport barrier to people gaining, and keeping, employment.

Initially based in the Derwent Valley, the trial will focus on identifying and meeting critical gaps where there are little or no public transport options to get people to and from work.  The trial will work closely with business, industry and the community to find local solutions, such as dedicated bus services to and from places of employment.

The Jobs Action Package will deliver at least four additional action programs in regional communities, including –

  • connecting local job seekers to local business and industry with vacancies or growth potential;
  • supporting local job seekers with the right skills and training, and work placements, for local business and industry;
  • helping local young people complete the qualifications they need to fill locally-identified jobs;
  • supporting long-term unemployed with pathways into work with small and medium businesses;
  • targeted mentoring and helping older Tasmanians re-skill and participate in jobs in their local economy.

In total, it is estimated that the Jobs Action Package will create up to 480 jobs for people in regional Tasmania.