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Driving for Jobs to Help Young Tasmanians Overcome a Barrier to Work

12 May 2017

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

A driver’s license is a must for many jobs, and the lack of one is often a major barrier for young people in gaining employment.

The Hodgman Liberal Government’s first priority is jobs and we are committed to Building Tasmania’s Future by helping the next generation to be job-ready.

Today, I am pleased to announce the upcoming State Budget will include $145,000 to trial Driving for Jobs, an innovative approach that will blend driver training with education and vocational training.

This trial will add to the great work of the Learner Driver Mentoring Program, which provides for novice drivers from lower socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel with volunteer mentors.

The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of the program, having delivered on an election commitment that allowed it to be expanded to even more communities around the State.

Through our Driving for Jobs trial, we will develop a new approach with education and vocational training providers to helping young people gain a license so they are ready to work, particularly in growth industries such as construction and transport.

Novice drivers today are expected to gain much more driving experience to be eligible to even apply for a driver’s license.

This is about saving lives on our roads, with research showing that when learners gain more experience under supervision they are less likely to be involved in serious crashes as licensed drivers.

But we recognise that it can be costly and difficult to gain the required hours and that’s why we need to do more to help.

Our Driving for Jobs trial will likely utilise the latest technology in driving simulation equipment, together with intensive on-road training supervision.